HIV AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa

AIDS-epidemicThere has been a 32% reduction in deaths from HIV Aids in Sub-Saharan Africa reported in November 2012, however the infection rates remain incredibly high.

Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest proportion of  HIV AIDS infections on earth.  It is estimated that 23.5 million people are infected, and although the rate of infection has slowed dramatically, it has already affected almost every family in this part of Africa in some way.  Most devastatingly, it is tearing families apart, and the children are suffering.

80% of HIV AIDS sufferers between 20 and 25 are women and overall most prevalent among female adults under the age of 40.  Life expectancy in Sub-Saharan Africa has reduced to between 45 and 55.

Big numbers are often difficult to digest.  It is sometimes easier to break them down.  23.5 million people, that’s around:

  • The population of the whole of Australia (22.5m); or
  • Double the population of Belgium (11.1m)
  • 5 x the population of Norway (5m)
  • 10 x the population of Namibia (2.1m)

You would be hard pressed to find anyone in this region not affected in some way by HIV AIDS:  husbands, daughters, friends, colleagues, workers, brothers, sisters, cousins ….


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